Fixed an issue with Helios' incorrectly scanning objects outside of the players aim as well as objects whose Codex entry is already complete. Helios’ old unique attack mod, called ‘Targeting Receptor’, will be added to your inventory once you’ve finished building the sentinel. 250 Update 12.5 Improved Helios target detection and tracking so as to allow Helios to detect and begin scanning enemies outside of the standard field of view. Helios/Prime scans celaphon fragments, somachord fragments and anything else even though I didn't see it LOL. Fixed an issue with Helios' incorrectly scanning objects outside of the players aim as well as objects whose Codex entry is already complete. Once you’ve got it, head back to your orbiter and start up your foundry. That’s a very strong addition to every loadout and if you can afford it, use this mod! Helios can be equipped with the following items: With 'Investigator' as its unique Precept and the 'Deconstructor' as its weapon, the versatile Helios Sentinel acts both as a lethal guardian and as an automatic codex scanner. This knowledge hungry protector defends its master with Deconstructor Prime. Hitting an enemy in the highlighted weakspot will apply a damage multiplier. Helios tends to aim at head level, enabling it to have a higher chance of landing head shots. ( Guaranteed ), Helios Fragment Scanning Removed & Returned Warframe History (Warframe). Just pure and good utility.

Helios Prime, compared to Helios: Higher health (250 vs. 200). When scanning without any other instructions (such as the user aiming at a specific target), Helios can occasionally scan targets through walls and other solid objects. That’s a very strong addition to every loadout and if you can afford it, use this mod! Fixed Helios' Investigator Precept not properly displaying/calculating its max rank and perpetually behaving like a rank 0 mod.

Warframe Helios & Deconstructor Setup 2x Forma Each (U18.13.1), Warframe Helios Prime Drop Relics + Best Place to farm them. Your email address will not be published. This ability works similar to Banshee`s sonar. 8 If you pick the first option, you don’t need to equip an attack mod and you don’t want to bring mods that only work if your sentinel weapon dealt damage or killed enemies. Fixed cases where Helios began vibrating when equipped with the Investigator precept. Fixed Helios' Deconstructor not continuously firing. There are a lot of reasons why people do like to play with the Helios (or the Helios Prime) sentinel, starting with its really good own sentinel weapon, ‘The Deconstructor‘. This ability works similar to Banshee`s sonar. Assault Mode is a must-have in this build and the same is true for Vacuum, which is one of the best additions your companions can bring.
Helios pretty much scans everything, Enemies, Objects, Cephalon Fragments, Music Fragments.

Also there's a mod from Simaris that lets him put a weakspot on enemies which is nice. Update 16.0 Better yet, Helios can also scan targets to fill out a player's Codex, granting additional enemies to test against in the Simulacrum.

Fixed Helios not attacking enemies when equipped with the Deconstructor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Default Weapon During the scanning, the target is highlighted in Helios' energy color. Fixed the damage type on the Deconstructor (Helios) Sentinel weapon so as to allow Melee mods to properly affect its stats.

If you get enough standing for Simaris, you can get a mod that makes Helios's scans create weak points on enemies, kind of like Banshee's Sonar. The rare mod works similar to Banshee’s Sonar ability and will reveal a weak spot. You forgot the best sentinel in the game, Djinn + Gazal Machete. Whether this Sentinel's unique precept mods are equipped or not, and the order in which they are equipped, will affect its behaviour: Helios can attack while scanning and vice versa.

Fixed an issue where reviving would cause Helios to scan targets with complete Codex entries. Fixed file paths appearing for Helios Prime when crafting it in the Foundry. All he does is attack anyone on sight. Helios P also has deconstructor prime as an exclusive weapon, which is a 100% status capable ranged weapon that is classified as a melee weapon, letting you put CO on it to have it deal way more damage than a sentinel weapon has a right to do The only downside is I melee a lot and I had to max a separate set of melee mods for it since I can't share mods. Helios Helios can continue scanning an enemy even if it dies, as long as the corpse is still visible and within scanning range. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

Helios no longer scans Solaris Lore Fragments. 100 Helios will now also turn towards the target that is being scanned.