It's a view of language wherein we see, as in Animal Farm, that language can be used to hide as well as it can be used to explain or uncover. The multimillion-dollar industry killing off Australia’s kangaroos, Egg farm ‘kept hens in cruelly overcrowded cages without enough water’, Queen’s Speech to include ban on import of hunting trophies, Poachers driving African parrots extinct in ‘exotic’ pet trade, Leona Lewis urges government to make UK first country to ban fur sales, Anger as Instagram refuses to remove ‘vile’ videos of animal cruelty, Pheasants and partridges found stressed in barren metal cages at farm, More than 500 chicks die in 24 hours on farm supplying Tesco, Famous seal hitches rides with paddleboarders off Dorset coast, Cats stolen, drowned, bludgeoned and boiled in secretive Vietnam trade, Mysterious spate of ‘barbaric’ horse killings investigated in France, Chicks at farms for Tesco and Ocado made to die of thirst, Only by going vegan can we call time on our factory farming crisis, Joaquin Phoenix pleads for goats at disgraced farm to be rescued, Puppy yelped for life after being abandoned in roasting hot car, Activists work to save goats at farm where workers attacked animals, Goats punched, hit and ‘left lame’ at farm supplying supermarket milk, Supermarkets drop goat-milk firm after violent attacks on animals, Sheep run over and set on fire in ‘horrific’ act of animal cruelty, Sephora confirms it will stop selling false eyelashes made from mink, Dead piglets on the floor at farm supplying animals to major abattoir, Indian traders ‘risking more viruses with squalid animal slaughter’, Lone fox killer snares animals and skins them in ‘macabre’ trade, Video of manatee being dragged along dusty road sparks outrage, Vietnam food markets selling live frogs putting species at risk, Pugs ‘cooked to death’ after being left in tent for hours on 34C day, Man left dog to die with whole potato stuck in its throat, court finds, Dog rescued after being tied to heavy rock and thrown in river, These are 2019's biggest achievements for animal rights, Prominent lawyer clubs fox to death with baseball bat wearing kimono, Police hunt ‘Kentucky horse killer’ as six more bodies found, 'A life of misery': Activists film undercover at Gressingham duck farm, Pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats 'glued' to their heads spotted, Video of boys beating deer prompts investigation, Cows sexually abused and hit at farm owned by NFU deputy chief, Animal cruelty now punishable by up to seven years in prison in US, Animal lovers hail Tory manifesto pledge to drop fox-hunting revival, Man stabs horse 20 times but is only charged with ‘criminal damage’, Hedgehog killed after firework attached to its head and set off, Schoolboys aged 11 and 14 admit kicking hedgehog to death, Elephant babies hit with metal hooks in 'nursery from hell', Pigs used as live crash-test dummies in China, Foie gras set to be banned in New York City, Three children and 245 animals found in 'deplorable living conditions', Australia launches probe into alleged mass slaughter of racehorses, Why carbon dioxide is the meat industry’s best-kept secret, Police arrest mother and daughter for ‘sawing off’ dog’s limbs, Man who stabbed dog 11 times in revenge killing jailed, Nando’s chickens swung by neck and found paralysed and deformed, Beloved elephant Tikiri dies after being forced to perform for decades, Bears forced to skateboard to amuse tourists in Europe, Man jailed for dragging shark to death from speedboat.